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The Pines Pastoral
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The Pines Pastoral is a 700 acre ANGUS cattle farm of 400 head. On breedplan our registration is BZO. The herd is HBR and APR. The farm is MN3, MSA, CAAB, Cattlecare, E.U. accredited.

Stud priorities: fertility, calving ease and marbling.

Main market is the high marbling steer market - long fed Japanese market. Preferred vendor status at Rangers Valley for the past 8 years. All bulls, all donors and key breeders are GeneSTAR tested. Tenderness lies between 6* and 8*; marbling between 2* and 5*.

If you want to produce tall legged steers for the Japanese market contact Robyn.

Meryla Road, Moss Vale NSW 2577
Phone: (02) 4868 3523 - Mobile: 0418 200 138 - Fax: (02) 4869 2125 - email:

Last updated 9/1/17